Creating an Infrastructure of Growth


Live Classes: Eight 90 minute virtual live video courses.

Each course will have roughly 40 minutes of learning and discussion and 30 minutes of putting ideas into practice including commitments and strategies for practical implementation and finally 20 minutes of accountability and coaching to ensure implementation of lessons.

One on One Coaching: 90 minutes +

● The initial session (30 minutes) will go over each participant's personality assessments.

● The second session (30 minutes) will cover any roadblocks mid way through.

● The third coaching session (30 minutes) will be optional for participants who need extra support identify roadblocks and/or knowledge gaps to help participants meet key goals.

Top guest lecturers including:

● An executive from Google on creating a digital framework for growth

● A CEO of $500 million plus AUM firm on keeping up with industry as a fixed fee company entrepreneur.

● A Chief Marketing Officer of Mid sized high net worth, fixed fee firm, to discuss using centers of influence and creating a process for marketing.


Week Prior to First Class

  • Initial Coaching Session: 30 minutes: In this first session, the Coach and participants will assessing personal business goals and challenges. We will also go over the personality assessment to understand any hindrances and growth opportunities. 

Week 1

1st Live Class: Creating a Prospect Pipeline. 90 minutes

The first live class will feature a special guest speaker to explain how to set up a Centers of Influence (COI) plan. We will cover how to partner with others in your team/office to multiply the effects of the COI outreach. The speaker will also cover how to communicate a fee structure vs. the competition’s hidden charges. Finally as a group we will identify and implement a plan for increased engagement to be covered in the one on one coaching session.

Week 2

2nd Live Class: Creating clients through digital presence. 90 minutes

The second class will feature a guest speaker specializing in digital strategy will address the key components for digital success. There will be many steps outlined including using social media to drive traffic to you, your business, and your website. We will then create planning steps to move the participant’s personal digital process forward.

Week 3

3rd Live Class: Creating space for higher level work and growth. 90 minutes

The third class will handle the participants ability to grow. We work on how to understand and create more space for client work as well as marketing efforts. We plan to cover shifting from an egalitarian approach to ranked client mentality. We will show how tracking time spent by categories of clients will unlock new time for additional clients. We will help to figure out the best delegation and managing of current client loads along with assessing support needs/wants. We will take all this into action with a plan for redistributing their time.

Week 4

4th Live Class: Scaling Growth. 90 minutes

This fourth course’s guest speaker will surely be one of the highlights of this program. He is the CEO of successful $500+ AUM fixed fee company he started from the ground up just like course participants. He will cover what he does to staying on top of the game/tech/industry. He will explain the many times he has to change his business to create scalability for growth. He will explain how he expects his team to eliminate tasks that require too many resources or time that ultimately negatively affect overall efficiency. We will take these concepts and create a plan for scalability for growth for each participant.

Coaching: 30 minutes

In this session we will manage the progress and challenges for attracting higher net worth prospects and any roadblocks to implementation.

Week 5

5th Live Class: Finding the Big Fish. 90 minutes

In this fifth class, we will make a shift to finding the higher net worth clients through an avatar creating technique. We will take these new avatars into account with a plan on how to find them.

Week 6

6th Live Class: Measuring Output and Growth. 90 minutes

The sixth class will focus on creating measurements of new marketing efforts. We will see how increasing community engagement can be managed. We will ensure we are measuring the marketing return on investment for the time and money invested in this process. We will then create a plan for measuring the results of marketing.

Week 7

7th Live Class: Personally Holding Back. 90 minutes

In this seventh class we will identify any of the elements holding participants back from success. We will dive into how to manage and balance work and life to enhance business growth rather than an unbalanced focus on results. Once we have all identified any personal obstacles we will create plans to tackle these nagging issues.

Coaching: 30 minutes (optional)

This session we will have identified after many weeks what’s still holding participants back and we will need to use coaching techniques to solve any continuous problems.

Week 8

8th Live Class: Importance of Accountability in Growth. 60 minutes

In this eighth and final class, we will discuss the role of personal accountability and integrity in creating results over the last two months. We will create a plan for continued personal accountability to ensure continued success in business growth. The final assignment will include a survey of the course along with capturing individual success gained through the program for future of the course and any XY Planning Network marketing.