Class #2 - November 1, 2017

What does online marketing mean?

  • Website vs. online marketing
  • What does a 10-15% of leads from online sources mean for your business in actual dollars?

Class Goals:

  1. Ensure you all have enough understanding of how to be successful in attracting clients online.
  2. Understand where you need to focus time / outsource support for enhanced results.


Bryan Ruiz, Google + bryanandrewruiz.com

Key components for digital success in the financial adviser space:  

  • What needs to be in place? What are the key components?  
  • What might most people have but need to enhance/revamped?

More detail on tools:

  • Site Tools
    • tips to creating tools/engagement for your site
    • Using keywords in blog posts
    • What tasks could be outsourced for success? 
  • Using social media to drive traffic
    • How often should people post?
    • How long should the post be?
    • Any tips or example of they type of posts that drive the most to a site.
  • Ads to drive traffic to website. 
    • Where to look for learning how to research keywords
    • Testing ads and looking at results
    • Other tips like creating negative words list for your ads.
    • How to attract the right potential clients and weed out crappy online referrals.

Questions with Bryan:

  • How long till I see results?
  • How much personal time should I spend on this?
  • Where can I get support/how much should I pay?
  • This all feels like a lot of work, how can I do it all?
  • What if I'm not ready to invest in revamping or ads? What are the easy must do's now?

Question for Group Discussion:

  • What successes did you see on the COI front? What were your roadblocks?
  • What items of scale are you interested in hearing about.



  1. In the previous homework assignment and one-on-one call with the coach you identified areas of your personality that can support and impede your business. Please give two concrete examples of how the coaching/reading/thinking on either the DISC or Values/Motivations made a shift in your approach to business/networking/work. Take credit for the shift (even if small) and tell me the results (even if small).
  2. Centers of Influence: Have you identified any COIs? If so how many, and have you done your version of "step 1" with anyone?

Digital: Create a possible/notional plan to move the your company's digital process forward. Reflecting on all you learned, organize your thoughts and notes into the following:

  • Identify gaps in a successful operation for online biz dev. (2-3 gaps)
  • Create a plan to address these issues and figure out outsources needs.
    • Time needed (personal time + duration of the plan)
    • Money needed (for outsourcing and ad dollars)
    • Outsourcing needs (who can i find, where can i find them, what are their rates?)
    • ROI (What's the total time and financial investment look like vers the retun?) 
  • Decide if this plan is worth executing and, if so, when.