XY Planners Network Course

Class #1 - October 25, 2017

Guest Speaker

Ann Pendley, Director of Marketing and Partner at Payne Wealth Partners

Centers of Influence (COI) plan

  • Identify COIs
  • Steps to work COIs into referrers
  • Goals for COI's over the next month (Ann's guidance as if you were on her team)
  • Metrics used to support COI work
  • Examples of great COIs
  • Multiply the effects of the COI outreach -- Most participants do not have teams, we will on using a spouse or family for support.

Ann's Quick Topics

  • How she (or PWP) communicates fixed fee vs. the competition
  • How she hooks people in to consider PWP? 
  • What resonates with prospects? Her view after years at this. 
  • As many of the participants are newer to talking about fee only approach, what are some of the short approaches they can try?
  • How has coaching transformed marketing at your firm?

Coaching Lighting Round

Next we'll do direct coaching while we have our expert on the line. I have identified the top questions and assigned them to different participants to ask in their own way.

  • Philip Olson: I do marketing because I must, not because it's fun, challenging, or interesting.
  • Rebecca Conner: I would rather market to strangers than people I know well.
  • Scott Snider: I don't like putting my clients on the spot for referrals.
  • Eric Roberge: Most people who know my profession haven't been asked to meet to hire me.
  • Ryan Weiser: I hate feeling like a salesman.
  • Doug Kinsey: I have little time for networking / biz dev (b/c of family/life/dog/fantasy football)
  • Additional questions as time allows.


  1. Create a COI plan for business: Identify existing or future targets. Put in place some action for step one of the process (have coffee or at least the coffee date set up on your calendar). And finally, figure out the metrics you will use to measure the ROI for COI work.
  2. Identify three NEW things/steps you need to put into action from today’s talk?
    • What are they?
    • When will you have them in place?
    • What do you expect the results to be for each one?
  3. Getting to Know Yourself: On your Personality Assessment read the pages associated with the Values that are out of the normal range. The normal range is denoted by a gray box around the middle of each bar.  For example, if you are high or low Theoretical you will read pages 50-53 titled Your Theoretical Drive. High or low Regulatory would be pages 47-49… and so on.

Please use the form below to organize & execute your homework:


Participant guidelines to consider:

  • Questions? I'll ask for questions after most segments, I'll also keep the class flowing quickly to give you as much as possible for your time commitment.

  • Comments are for the good of the group -- the more general for everyone is better

  • No corner cases (an odd one-off situation to be handled outside of the norm)

  • Be on time and "present" for our class -- Multitasking is easy to spot and will lessen your results

  • Be mindful of your sound quality and feedback