• Creation Tool

    Here is your creation power tool -- Use it often.
  • Important Directions:

      1. Answer each question fully from a place of joy.

      2. Smile as you type and be imaginative.

      3. Use all positive language.

      4. Answer each question as if you were on the cusp of receiving what you are journaling about. 

    The more excitement and joy you bring to this exercise the more powerfully you put forth to your creation. This process is supporting your mind to journal about your next manifestation.  When putting positive energy towards this process in the following days use your heart energy and engage your entire body in this process. Click for more on this -  Heart Energy

    Fill this out when you have a moment of true clarity and have time to focus in a positive way.  The BEST results come right before bed. This gives an important time to allow for your creation. If you do this during the day then fill it out, click the submit button and let it be, DON’T OVER THINK IT (and give out mixed signals).

    Finally, have fun with this. Even get a little crazy about your creation if you want. You will manifest something and it will show up in an unusual way. Why not be unusual and enjoy the process.

  • Now is the follow up. Each day you must rememebr you intention and do this in the same place you were when you answered the question the second time about your feeling on a scale from one to 10. 

    When will you give postive energy to the thought of this in your life?

    3 times a day (at each meal)

    1 time a day (while driving)

    5 times a day (when I look at my phone)

  • This form is 100% confidential administered bywww.toddcalongne.com. Please let us know of your results. Note if this makes you uncomfortable, you may have identified a potential blockage.

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