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Advice on Changing Careers- Why is it difficult?

Changing careers is often very difficult, and the difficulty has more to do with the emotional trauma than it has to do with available job options. People are actually scared of many things including; fear of the unknown, even though there are more than one instances claiming it will turn out for the best. Changing careers takes a lot of effort; you have to deal with many emotional issues and face the fear of failing... Read More

Workplace mental health… Why is it important?

Employees are the biggest asset of any company. They are one of the main pillars of a company that keeps that company balanced. Apart from an idea, finances, or a strong administration. If any of these four pillars get weak or are infected from the inside, the company faces the danger of collapsing. The ultimate reason, that calls for employee satisfaction... Read More

Better Work Environment: Breaking the 9 to 5 Mindset

Can you work three weeks a month?  Are you looking for a better work environment?  Our work schedule is an outgrowth of the factory shifts.  We punch in at a certain time, we have our breaks and we punch out.  Unions gave us weekends.  So we work 5 day and get a couple days off.  Is this your perfect style of work?  Are there alternatives... Read More