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I propose a law that all women are treated with respect while dating or courting of any kind. Women do not respect themselves enough to demand this, so we need a law crafted by state legislators to demand they are respected.

This is absurd because everyone knows a woman with even a little self-respect is not giving her “talents” away without demanding respect. Apply this same logic to the workplace.

Career Advice: Get Over Fear to Land the Perfect Job

When it’s your career, you cannot let anything hold you back or bring you down. Moreover, if the thing that is holding you back is fear, it is definitely a big ‘NO’. Fear of failure is more common for those who aspire to have a career in a non-traditional industry. They need to know, it is not possible to have the odds in your favor all the time.  It’s important to be ready to put in effort to get the results you want. 

Power of Positive in Career Change

Imagine this client of mine who was unemployed and going through a career change.  She sat at home each day focused on the only thing she could think to do to get a new job, search the job boards on LinkedIn and other niche site.  She was very depressed and couldn't understand why she would get interviews and nothing would come of it.

How Faking it till You're Making it helps in success

Having low self-confidence or self-esteem is visible. People around you will notice that you are not self-assured.  This makes people; i.e. potential employers, colleagues, clients/customers etc. wonder if you can actually perform the tasks you say you can perform.  Your lack of security can make others uncomfortable.

It’s a couple of weeks into the New Year. Your resolution to be more fiscally responsible is proving more difficult than you thought.Due to life circumstances or the way you were raised can have a lot to do with financial responsibility or irresponsibility and that’s nobody’s fault, we all need to learn.Here are some things you can try to get ahead and save some dough for your future.

Success in the New Year

It’s already two days into the New Year.  How did yesterday fair for you?  Most people probably took it easy to nurse their hangover or to rest after staying up or out too late.  Forgive yourself for being a bum yesterday, if that’s what you were doing.  However, today is the second, you (should be) hangover free and be getting yourself psyched up for a brand new year at work starting Monday

Career Advice: Boundaries are Important; Create them Before You Need Them

A job, a business, relocation or a promotion, when you start something new or great, it is quite common that you feel you live in a glass bubble. You are getting to know new people but they are collectively getting to know you. It’s quite common to find your family, friends and colleagues watching you intimately and waiting to see you crash in the effort. 


What is Leadership: A Mind Frame

As the word, “Leadership” is getting used more often; it is almost on its verge of losing its meaning. It is most often confused for manager or boss, when the actual meaning is quite far from these most commonly confused words.

Career Myths Keeping You from Success & Happiness Part 2

Continuing from Career Myths Keeping You from Success & Happiness, there are millions of myths that cloud the better judgment of people. This keeps them from changing an existing career option that they might think is the perfect job option for them considering the circumstances. There is always a better career option that you might be missing.


Career Myths Keeping You From Success & Happiness

There are many myths and wrong beliefs lurking in the professional field that keep people from rising up to their own expectations. These myths have been the main reason that hold people back in their career paths and they still do not see it. I’ll debunk a few for you now.


Key to career success: Delegate it

When you are at management level, the quote “work hard” is no more applicable for a leader, you need to rely on “work smart”.  Communication at this point is the key to working out the things best. It is extremely significant to the success of your career that you delegate effectively. This is why it is critical that you learn to delegate as soon as you can. Let’s, go through some vital tips that might help you in learning the art of delegating.

Key Leadership Skill: Constructive Criticism in Leadership

First, give positive feedback as well as negative feedback in the same manor. Be consistent and try to be balanced. If you are offering negative feedback you are trying to change a behavior away from some action.  If you are offering positive feedback you are working to change a behavior to bolster an action. They are both equally important. It is best to offer one bit of feedback at a time.

High Stress Work Environment Failure

With rising stress in the corporate environment all round the globe, employees are bound to feel exploited and low. The most important thing here is to give them proper coaching and make them understand that they are important assets of a company and diminishing level of their performance might lead to a decline in overall growth of a company. This is not just a ploy to make them feel good, but rather is the bitter truth of the corporations.

Career Advice: How do you know your employees need a coach?

As the corporate world is trying to deal with the stiff competition, employees are having hard time coping with the stress. The new thing here is the fact that, there is a way to help your employees cope with it. Michael Phelps, Andre Agassi, and Tiger Woods have coaches, even the President Clinton has used the help of a coach. This is not because they lack in their skills for their profession, but to help them keep the skills from loosing their sheen while trying to cope with the stress and continue performing their best. 


Advice on Changing Careers- Why is it difficult?

Changing careers is often very difficult, and the difficulty has more to do with the emotional trauma than it has anything to do with the available job options. People are actually scared of many things; this includes the fear of the unknown, though there are more than one instances claiming it turns out for the best. Changing career takes a lot of effort; you have to deal with many emotional issues and face the fear of failing. 


Workplace mental health… Why is it important?

Employees are the biggest asset of any company. They are one of the main pillars of a company that keeps a company balanced, apart from an idea, finance, and a strong administration. If any of these four pillars get week or are infected from the inside, the company faces a great danger of collapsing. An ultimate reason, that calls for employee satisfaction.


Better Work Environment: Breaking the 9 to 5 Mindset

Can you work three weeks a month?  Are you looking for a better work environment in life?  Our work schedule is a direct outgrowth of the factory shifts.  We punch in at a certain time, we have our breaks and we punch out.  Unions gave us weekends.  So we work 5 day and get a couple days off.  Is this your perfect style of work?  Are there alternatives?

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