Your Journey Needs a Coach



Coach Todd uses a simple three-step process:

  1. Make a commitment
  2. Take action (or massive action if needed), and
  3. Be held accountable.

If you are lost in an area of your professional or personal journey, you are not alone. A job search or a career challenge can be tricky on its own. Balancing your personal life, work, and health can be an outright jungle. In fact, all three profoundly affect one another and only when they are in harmony; your limits could be pushed to infinity. You are simply unstoppable!

As a seasoned professional Coach, I will give you the support you need to take the best, most profitable next step in your career and life. Your life change process will include:

  • Gain insight into your strengths, capabilities, and potential
  • Build the confidence you need to succeed
  • Understand your motivations and the ways to use them
  • Maintain accountability in achieving your goals
  • Identify what may be holding you back
  • Receive honest and direct feedback from an unbiased third party that can allow your vision to shine.


As a life coach, I am connected to you and only you. I support you in what you want and where you want to go. Family, friends, or colleagues are hard to be unbiased or totally objective. It is unwise to rely on them as your sole advisor. Your choices will affect them, their self-esteem, and their self worth as well. Have you ever thought you can do anything you set your mind to? Many can never surpass the limits imposed on them by friends and family.

As your coach, I support your vision, no matter how outrageous or grand it may be. I am here to help you find a manageable path to achieve any goal.