Relationship Advice: Use Your Feminine Self to Make Him Fall for You

Growing up, reading the nonsense versions of ‘what men want’ in women magazines, you must know by now, none of it works on real men. The thing that actually works …Read More

Unhappy Relationship? Find the Right Man

It is quite common for women to set down eligibility criteria’s for men, one reason they do that is the fact that they have more options than men do, and thus they are less starved …Read More

Relationship Advice on Attraction Strategies for Women: How to Find and Keep a Man

Have you been wondering what men want?  Have you been finding it hard to attract a decent one? Then this blog is exclusively for you. Men seem simple and open…Read More

Healthy Relationship and Emotional Anchoring

Human being is still one of the strangest creatures on the earth when it comes to emotions. They often tend to tolerate any kind of relationship, even the most abusive ones, just to keep feeding their emotional vulnerability…Read More

Men and Relationships: Attracting Women!

This blog aims at the attraction strategies mainly for men. Men need to seduce in order to attract a partner...Read More

Light and Dark Energy in a Relationship

This dark light balance is important in a relationship: Being human, it is understandable to exemplify more of either one of the light or the dark energies. A proper mix in the right proportion of both the light and the dark energies is imperative to maintain …Read More

Are you Blocking Relationship Progress?

How starved are you for a committed relationship?  Do you have someone in your life that is like an IV drip or a constant supply of porridge (like Oliver Twist) keeping you from being really starved?  This person, or people, gives you just enough …Read More

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