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Healthy Relationship and Emotional Anchoring

Human being is still one of the strangest creatures on the earth when it comes to emotions. They often tend to tolerate any kind of relationship, even the most abusive ones, just to keep feeding their emotional vulnerability. The stress to keep up with the life in the era today, make us hold on to some emotional anchors. These anchors often serve as memory stimulants too. It plays an important role in stirring up feelings from memories by hearing, touching, tasting, smelling or seeing things that take you down the memory lane.  This is the reason that makes it difficult for people to get out of the relationships, which are already stale. Relationships are anchors and the human civilization has yet not properly figured out ways to use anchors in positive manner.

Why Do We Have a “Type?”

Although Science isn't completely sure how we choose our “type,” there have been numerous studies and much research into the subject that has given birth to some interesting theories

Is Cheating Part of Being Human?

The reasons people cheat have been studied for decades.  Mostly people claim to cheat because of loss of passion between themselves and their partner, feeling lonely and disconnected from their partner, and other general relationship problems resulting in unhappiness with the relationship.

Breaking up is Hard to do

Breakups can be traumatic, especially if you are the one getting your heart crushed.  It’s easy to feel that you are at fault and want to blame yourself for it.  Truth is, in 99% of relationships it is never one person’s fault.  Breaking up is a normal part of life until you find your “forever” person

Are You Your Kids’ RELATIONSHIP Role Model?

Whatever you are, feeding their mind with, today, they will revert to the same for references, when they are stuck in their lives at any point of time. Human beings have this thing for their childhood memories; it makes them go back to their old days for references to deal with their own challenges.

Relationship Advice: Use Your Feminine Self to Make Him Fall for You

Growing up, reading the nonsense versions of ‘what men want’ in women magazines, you must know by now, none of it works on real men. The thing that actually works on them is something that women are born with. Feminism. Men are truly incapable of resisting feminism. There is just one more thing other than feminism that could make them fall for you.

Unhappy Relationship? Find the Right Man

It is quite common for women to set down eligibility criteria’s for men, one reason they do that is the fact that they have more options than men do, and thus they are less starved for attention as compared to men. If women filter their options in men to keep themselves from wasting their time on something irrelevant they reduce their possibility of finding a long-term relationship.

Relationship Advice on Attraction Strategies for Women: How to Find and Keep a Man

Have you been wondering what men want?  Have you been finding it hard to attract a decent one? Then this blog is exclusively for you. Men seem simple and open, when actually they are not. However, understanding them is not that very difficult.


Men and Relationships: Attracting Women!

This blog aims at the attraction strategies mainly for men. Men need to seduce in order to attract a partner. Here in this blog we will be discussing the same belief to its core in simple steps.
Step 1: The idea is to comfort them
Start with making them feel comfortable when they are near you. A calm and soothing aura should surround you. Women, being a sensible creature are very hard to open if they are not comfortable.

Light and Dark Energy in a Relationship

This dark light balance is important in a relationship: Being human, it is understandable to exemplify more of either one of the light or the dark energies. A proper mix in the right proportion of both the light and the dark energies is imperative to maintain the essence of life and zing in your relationship. 

Are you Blocking Relationship Progress?

How starved are you for a committed relationship?  Do you have someone in your life that is like an IV drip or a constant supply of porridge (like Oliver Twist) keeping you from being really starved?  This person, or people, gives you just enough attention to keep you from feeling desperate for a relationship, but their attention is not satisfying and doesn’t give you what you need.


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Physical Intimacy in Relationships

There is a lot of crap out there for people online dating. People who can’t date in the real world, can’t date online!
— Life Coach on Online Dating

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