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Understanding Feminine Energy

Understand how you can use your feminine energy and remain in control!

Pressure for Marriage

Find out how to handle being over excited to get your man to marry you!

Attracting a Mate

Coaches Todd Calongne and Kelly Jennings talk about attracting a mate.

Dark and Light Energy

Coaches Todd Calongne and Kelly Jennings talk about attractdark and light energy in relationships a mate. For more information please go to www.toddcalongne.com/realtionships

Masculine and Feminine Energy

Coaches Todd Calongne and Kelly Jennings talk about Masculine and Feminine Energy.

How Not to be Single

Stay open and be confident that you have love to share. Balance your time between your personal life, career and social life. Eventually, you will stand out and meet the right one for you.

Mom Wants you Married

Mom wants to see you married. Hear the life coaching advise on this situation.

Online Dating

Find out why online dating can be a bit of a mess.



Understanding, care, respect, passion and accepting the differences between each other are one of the most important things in a relationship. I can tell, I love the person because everything around me seems so light when i am with him/her.

Who doesn't need to be touched? Being sensitive and aware of your partner's needs will create more passion in your relationship. Make your connection grow more each day and keep your intimacy alive everyday! 

Making time to spend with your loved ones will build a stronger bond and more understanding with each other. Enjoy the quality time together!