Relationship Advice: Use Your Feminine Self to Make Him Fall for You

 Growing up, reading the nonsense versions of ‘what men want’ in women magazines, you must know by now, none of it works on real men. The thing that actually works on them is something that women are born with. Feminine energy. Men are truly incapable of resisting feminine energy. There is just one more thing other than feminism that could make them fall for you.

Let them feel they are the boss:

As discussed before, men are all about needing significance. If you treat him like an emperor, he will make you his queen. Make him feel he is in control of everything and he is significant and imperative to you. Feeling significant has lot to do with masculinity and if you cut that off, he might not want to spend time with you in future. Or, if he does come back, he will come back a wimp that no woman can love or get attracted to. And I am sure you do not want that.

History shows men like to flaunt their power; they like to lead and feel important. When you give them this feeling, they cannot resist you for long. Let them lead and take control; you can stay on the back seat and be all-feminine while he falls for you. 

Now, being a woman, you might feel the urge to take control, while you doubt the fact that the man standing before you is the right person for you. However, you have to take the risk now, of dealing with the uncertainty and live with that in the moment.

Stay Feminine and take control of him:

The feminine energy could make a man; do anything for a woman, without the woman having to take the ‘masculine control’. You do not have to directly order them to, “Do this,” all you need to do is ask him, “What if we were to do it this way?”  Both these questions will lead to the same result, but what really matters is the perspective. The second viewpoint will make him feel he is in charge and bingo the task is half done.

If you let him drive the car, while giving instructions (or kind suggestions) from the passenger seat, it will always intrigue him. If you let him know what you want while staying feminine all the time, he will remain crazy for you forever. You might not have to take actions like men do, to get what you want. If you would only use your feminine energy to get things done, men will deliberately make way for you.