Relationship Advice on Attraction Strategies for Women: How to Find and Keep a Man

Have you been wondering what men want?  Have you been finding it hard to attract a decent one? Then this blog is exclusively for you. Men seem simple and open, when actually they are not. However, understanding them is not very difficult.

Is sex the only thing that intrigues men?

A big ‘NO’ is the answer to that question. Straight men are actually starved for love this is largely because you do not see them hugging and holding hands with their friends, which amplifies the need. They consider women, as an ultimate source of love. Give your true love to him and he will give his soul to you. Men will cross limits to receive love from a woman and can move mountains to keep the same woman. They cherish a relationship with a woman, mainly because it is the only source for an intimate relationship for them, when they have been starving for it their whole lives.

How can you offer love to him?

Men are crazy to prove themselves. They will not admit that they starve for love, so they do not have to show their vulnerability. They wish to portray themselves with masculine energy, one who is capable of doing anything. Women only have to understand this need of significance of men. They wish to represent themselves as the strong one, cooperate with them and they are yours. They have their weaknesses, which they do not want to show and the largest of them all is the love-starved heart. If you are able to fill that hole in their heart without exposing their vulnerable self, they will accept you as their soul mate, and will do anything to keep you.

It is okay for you play the games with the flirtations and the dark energies, but at the end of the day be sure to give him your unconditional love. No man can resist this one thing. It helps in creating desirability that is more profound than any physical attraction. If you understand this you will be able to keep him forever, as he will never let you go.