Unhappy Relationship? Find the Right Man

It is quite common for women to set down eligibility criteria for men, one reason they do this is the fact that they have more options than men do, and thus they are less starved for attention as compared to men. If women filter their options in men to keep themselves from wasting their time on something irrelevant, they reduce their possibility of finding a long-term relationship.

Now, men equally judge you, while you are judging them and finding reasons to disqualify them. It reduces your chance of intriguing the right man, when you stumble across him. This is simply because when you are more focused on yourself you are not focusing on giving the love that men appreciate.

So how can you filter them?

The simplest and best way is to let him disqualify himself, while you stay in your feminine self. The below mentioned points will help you with the this:

It is a widely known fact that women have a very strong sixth sense, use your intuition while qualifying men, and make sure you are not making the wrong calls. By which I mean, do not let your emotional empathy get in the way of your logic. Make sure you understand the difference between ‘intuition’ and ‘wishing’. Moreover, make sure this time you toss out the rulebook for once. This will make sure you at least keep your options open.

You should know one thing, If you stick to your beliefs about "Mr. Perfect", it will hold you back. This belief will hinder you from having the chance of finding the right person.

Doesn’t this seem easier than all the games you have been playing to attract a man?  Just going with the flow can be the key here.