Light and Dark Energy in a Relationship

Do you remember the angel and the devil on your shoulders that your grandmother always spoke of? There are always two sides to everything, no matter how thin you slice it. Everything and everyone has light energy and dark energy within themselves. The trick is to maintain the balance. A lot of people who grew up watching Star Wars, hating Darth Vader and liking Luke Skywalker, will agree.

This dark and light balance is important in a relationship:

Being human, it is understandable to exemplify more of either one or the other type of energy. A proper mix in the right proportion of both light and dark energies is imperative to maintain the essence of life and zing in your relationship. If you focus more on one of the energies, problems are quite natural to crop up. When in a relationship, it might turn out lethal for the bond between both of you. Accepting the light energies at their fullest, you might end up being taken for granted by your partner. On the other hand, if you focus more on the dark energy you may wind up hurting your partner. Either case is not acceptable. If you feel your relationship is stale, you will want to work on balance of these energies.

bad girl red (1).jpg

How is it going to work?

Simple. Have your dark and light energies take turns or go hand in hand. Balance is the answer. The one problem of being a social animal is that we have been educated by our culture to embody the light energy and hate the dark one. But is it so? As a matter of fact, in a relationship, the archaic thoughts are less likely to work. So what can be done? The best thing that can be done here is to try and amalgamate the energies in the most exciting ways that could be helpful for both the short and the long terms.  What part of your energy are you lacking?  If you are too good, be a little bad (in healthy ways) and if you are always complaining and in a bad mood, try to shed some light on your personality!

If it works out for you, it will help you to rise up as your better self, flaunting assimilated conflicting facets of yourself in most empowering of ways.