Men and Relationships: Attracting Women!

This blog aims at the attraction strategies mainly for men. Men need to seduce in order to attract a partner. Here in this blog we will be discussing the same belief to its core in simple steps.

Step 1: The idea is to comfort them

Start with making them feel comfortable when they are near you. A calm and soothing aura should surround you. Women, being sensible creatures find it very hard to open up if they are not comfortable. Though the fact is, it is not very hard to soothe them. You can talk them into it by asking them questions about their comfort zone. You can get them to feel at ease by talking positively about your previous relationships. It helps in making them realize, you are a decent person as you have been dated before. When they see you as someone who can “divorce” with civility it can put them at ease. The best way though could be to get introduced by a mutual friend.

Step 2: Pull them to you

Attraction is not always mechanical; it could also be fashioned deliberately. A woman is attracted to the one she is comfortable with. You should make her realize that you have high standards and you exhibit high values. She is only attracted to you if she feels you are better than the others she dated before. You need to stop chasing her, to make her realize you have standards and you are worth chasing. Flaunt your confidence, trust me, it works.

Step 3: Overcome the barriers

Fear of rejection is biologically programmed in a man. Therefore, what you need to do is try and overcome the fear. Women are sensible beings they are not to be feared. You can win them by just flaunting a little confidence. So get over the fear of approaching them and try to think of it as an adventure. What is the worse thing that could happen? You will never know if you never try.

Living in fear is a negative. It is using the law of attraction in the wrong direction.  What’s the saying, “Turn that frown upside down?”  You need to confront the fear in order to get over it and put as much effort into positive “attracting,” Believe me when I say that, as it comes from personal experience.