2014: The Year to STFU and Do Something Different!


Are you ready to start your 2014 off right?  Now is your time to shine! Did you know that people who spend 3 months keeping their resolutions have a dramatic increase in keeping those resolutions further into the year?  Accountability is something that is crucial to keeping yourself in check and on track! That’s where I come in.

I will keep you accountable to help make you a huge success, happier and healthier. That’s what I do.  No judgment, just someone to listen and give you ideas, strength, support, especially when it gets hard. Of course, I will be celebrating all you achieve, right along with you too! 

Please email me for your free New Year’s Resolution Session to get the coaching you need to be a huge success in 2014.

Imagine More -- you may think of coaching for one area of your life.  Broaden your horizon by thinking about the coaching difference that could help in other areas as well.

Health: Reverse disease or lose weight, or both

Career: Get promoted, open a side business, do something different, change careers, retire.

Relationship: create a new connection with your partner, go out on more dates, and find the love of your life.

Finally, think about your hours this year:

There are 8,760 hours in 2014

- 2,340 hours are spent working

- 2,555 hours are spent sleeping

WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING ON DOING WITH YOUR REMAINING 3,865 HOURS THIS YEAR?  This is your eating, fun, workout, hobby time. Can you have a second job? What are you going to accomplish in this almost 4,000 hours you have control of in 2014?  Think about what goals you have for this year and make them important, because YOU are important and I want to help make YOU the best you can be in this brand new year!



2014: The Year to STFU and Do Something Different!


So what are these resolutions you have been making for 10 or 20 years that you won’t keep because you are a creature of comfort and too lazy for self-improvement?  Being more fiscally responsible? Losing weight? Quitting smoking or drinking too much?  Everyone, including your mom, is tired of hearing this from you as you spend $8 on a pack of Marlboro “Lights” to enjoy with a six pack and a pizza on January 2nd.  Stop lying to yourself about changing your habits and try some fresh resolutions that may actually be attainable!

Take a course online. 

You may be a know-it-all in your group, but you aren’t that smart.  Big name schools are offering free courses in things like marketing, accounting and child psychology as well as a slew of other topics.  Statistically it is only wealthy, educated people that take advantage of these programs, but why not you.  You could use more information, for a final Jeopardy question some day or trivia night at the pub.  It doesn’t cost you anything, Mr. /Ms. Fiscally responsible this year.  Better yourself by bettering your brain. OR sign up for our 30 Day Relationship Readiness Program!

Save Money.

“I’m going to live like the Amish and save $100,000 this year!” Shut up!  a.) you don’t even make $100,000 in a year and b.) You can’t live without your cable. Drama Queen!  Just keep your savings plan simple.  Don’t spend more than you have and save up for bigger expensive items rather than using credit. It’s called “fiscal common sense,” get you some!

Be Hygienic. 

Wash your hands more often.  Germs and bacteria are everywhere.  Fun Fact: New Yorkers indirectly touch 24 penises a day.  If you don’t live in New York, I am sure the number is lower, but it can’t be less than one.  Do you want to walk around eating and touching your face with random penis germs crawling all over your hands?  Furthermore, the next time you get the flu twice in one year or some horrible eye infection; don’t cry about it, if you don’t heed this advice.  Take it like a (wo)man and know that your disgusting hands are the reason you are sick and dying in bed.  Nobody should have sympathy for you.  And if you are one of those people who say that washing your hands too much is what makes you sick, you are disgusting and the entire world, including myself would like to ask you not to touch one damn thing…hands in pockets ALL day. Please and thank you!

Watch Better Shows.

Watch Orange is the New Black and House of Cards on Netflix. Already done it?  Do it again! It will remind you how easy it is to be an ASS hole in 2014.  While you are at it, replace your nightly news habit with The Family Guy.  Laugh before you sleep. How better to get a good night’s rest!

Chug Green Tea.  

Green tea is chocked full of antioxidants making it so much more healthy than soda, juice, coffee and (gasp) alcohol.  Just add some honey and you’ll be a sophisticated tea drinker in no time.  We all want a little sophistication. I drink Dandelion Root tea. It’s an amazing detox every day – I make it into sweet tea.


Schedule a massage and facial each month.  It is a dream come true and will end up being one of the best hours of your month.  Nothing is more relaxing.  Besides on that Tuesday when your boss pisses you off, you can release it at your lunch time appointment Thursday.

Play Don't Watch Sports.

Keep competitiveness in your life.  The gym only offers a one person work out; the only ass you’re kicking is your own.  Join a team of some sort; softball, soccer, volleyball, get a tennis partner and remember the feeling of anticipation and euphoria you had in high school kicking someone else’s ass on the field.  This will make your fitness routine less monotonous and perhaps keep you from quitting the one man ass kicking completely.

Enjoy People IRL (In Real Life).

Put your phone down during meals. Yes this is hard for me too! Do you want the person you are breaking bread with to think they are boring?  If you don’t care or they really are that boring, go ahead and crush some candy while you fill your face.  Just know that is rude.

Look Better.

Make that wardrobe sizzle with hot!  Go out and by some new shirts, socks, jeans and shoes.  Want to be a winner, dress like a winner. MAKE SURE THEY FIT YOU WELL!  I hate men in clothing too loose and women in clothing too tight!  Know your bumps, lumps, and budges and highlight them.  A great ass is worth showing so is a great chest on a man and a woman.

Engage History.

Find a veteran from WWII to talk to and spend time with.  These guys like my grandfather can tell amazing stories about flying B-52s and dropping bombs.  So listen to their stories and what they have to say. Record them on an iPhone if you can (Check to get the lighting just right). This guy has seen and done more than you have in your cushy little life, so maybe you can be thankful instead of manic when your girl dumps you or you break a nail and just be thankful you aren't in a dirty trench, thousands of miles away from home being shot at by some Nazi bastards. Oh, and THANK THEM!

Read Books. 

It doesn't matter if they are paper, electronic or MP3 style (super lazy reading btw) Find ten books you want to read in this next year and oh, I don’t know, read them this year.  Make it a mix of fiction and non-fiction.  Reading and retaining has been proven to actually make you smarter.  Being smarter makes you hotter, so quoting Shakespeare or Poe will actually make you a more interesting person than reciting lines from “The Hangover.” I am addicted to my Audible.com account: www.audible.com/mt/giftmembership

Shut Up and Do It.

When you make resolutions, especially to start a new diet or exercise program or you decide to live like a minimalist.  Do it, that’s great.  Just keep your mouth shut about it.  Nobody cares. Tell your partner and your life coach as an accountability measure and ask them to check in with you weekly on it.

Write Down Your Resolutions.

Writing down your resolutions and goals has been proven to give people better success rates in keeping them.  Simply write a list of what you want to accomplish and check them off when you do.  You can break it down into days, weeks, or months.  You can do this with a planner and a pen.  These goals are personal and you should stay personally involved with them.  

Healthy Start.

So many men will die of stubbornness from not having a yearly health exam.  People die because they did not go to the doctor and get a diagnosis in the early stages of disease.  Make an appointment for both you and your partner to make sure you start off the New Year healthy.

Socialize More! 

Have long talks over meals with friends, be the party thrower of the group, be spontaneous!  If your friends are lame and boring time for an upgrade!  Activities like this are designed to make you laugh more, which is a proven, natural stress reliever.  So make some changes and get yo’ laugh on!

Drink Right.

Hey as long as you are eating right, are exercising and are otherwise in good health, feel free to have a few drinks. Don’t blame yourself for the occasional black-out. $hit happens. I try to stick with Red Wine for the most part as it really has health positives which I can go into another time. Other than wine try vodka (non-Russian Vodka as they are homophobes) and soda (that’s club soda not sugar soda). These will keep you from gaining weight.

Help the Homeless.

Adopt a pet or help a pet find a good family, just because it’s a nice thing to do, it will bring you good Karma and because even the biggest D-bag loves a cute little friend. I’ll even help you with the adoption fee if you need it!

Finally, going out on New Year’s Eve sounds like a great time when it is actually a giant PITA (Pain in the ass). I have done Times Square, Disney, Hawaii, Key West, New Orleans, Costa Rica. You hassle yourself getting ready and then after a night of shots, cocktails and champagne, wake up dehydrated, with a splitting headache and the dry heaves.  Is that anyway to start the New Year?  No. You should start January 1st productively, out their getting pets adopted, talking to war vets and kicking another soccer team’s ass. New Year’s Day is coming.  If you don’t want to fail…do what I said.  Do it. 

Start planning now.  Try our Free Life Breakthrough Session.

Did you know, 92% of Americans cannot keep their New Year’s resolutions?  Is it because we are fat, lazy and complacent? I’m going to give that a 92% yes. 

 30 Day Relationship Readiness Program

30 Day Relationship Readiness Program