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Take the guess work out of meaningful gifts & drive more referrals!

Wholesale Gifts, Personalized and Shipped for Qualified Professionals


Just click through and we take care of the rest!

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1. Choose your client's prime needs.

How can you support your client?  What are they facing?

Our intuitive guide will show you their needs.

 A personalized gift `arrive from you to your client.


2. Select a meaningful gift.

A gift with a powerful meaning that fit's their personality.

Find something that fits their style and your budget.


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3. We package and ship this for you.

We will...

  • size it for your client
  • create a beautiful package
  • with your input, create a special note from you explaining the gifts meaning

Your gift will be received by your client as if it came from you!

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4. Your client becomes a walking advertisement for your business!

"Wow! It is so beautiful and I am so delighted to have it--made just for me. I love that you included the description of what the blue topaz signifies; I can't think of something more fitting for me to wear and be reminded of.   And thanks for your kind words--I couldn't agree more!"

"I just wanted to say thank you for the ring!! I love it, and what it symbolizes .. It fits perfect!!"


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To qualify for membership and access the wholesale gifts, you must be a practitioner working in a field supporting people to live a better, healthier, beautiful, more fulfilled life.  Members include, but are not limited to, life/business/executive coaches, yogis, therapists, massage therapists, artistic professionals (hair, makeup artist), reiki and other intuitive healers.


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