Stone for knowledge seeking, study, balance and recovery.  

A great stone to calm yourself down amidst huge stress, to help you feel grounded and not affecting your physical health because of emotional strains. This is a good stone to bring when you are meditating, to help you gaining more concentration and getting better result from it. Peridot is also used for recuperation from disease. It helps lift spirits so wearers do not not feel depressed or super weak after first days of recuperation. For those who have difficulties in concentration and perseverance to learn something new or difficult, the stone offers you power to stay focused on your learning, giving you more opportunities to really absorb the knowledge or lesson.  This is a great stone for those who work in academic fields.

Peridot is both praised in Western and Eastern traditions, and it is often associated with money and wealth according to feng shui thanks to its relation with wood, which is also a symbol of prosperity. Therefore, the Chinese often put gem tree or accessories made of peridot stone in the center of the house, to bring prosperity to the whole family.

 Best for people who struggle with:

  • Balance of mind and body
  • Emotional strain
  • Digestive system
  • Recuperation from disease
  • Dementia
  • Focus, concentration, perseverance to learn