Love, domestic bliss, sensitivity, loyalty, memory, mental capacity,
harmony, focus,eliminating negativity, romance, memory, faith, truthfulness.

As a healing stone Emerald has ability to  remove mental causes of disease and unwellness, disease and general healing. In the mineral kingdom the emerald symbolizes the Christ consciousness, but it represents that and beyond.  The lovely clear green color, with the inclusions, is symbolic of the Earth, the green being the beautiful higher application of the fourth ray, but with such beauty and such an encompassing sense that it stretches one beyond any limitation that the Earth may have. It is a harmonious approach to the Earth. The emerald brings aspirations that are very spiritual.

Emeralds help:

  • Help cure eye inflammation
  • Beautify the skin
  • Useful for neurological diseases
  • Relieves influenza
  • Eliminate ulcers
  • Lowering high blood pressure
  • Dysentery
  • Fever and anemia
  • Help overcome a variety of physical illnesses such as to overcome the problems in the liver (liver), cardiovascular system, adrenal glands, kidneys, diseases of the head, and facilitate the digestive system.

Best for people who struggle with:

  • Maintaining continuity of relationships
  • Infidelity
  • Trust between partners
  • Attracting wealth 
  • Protection and safety
  • Communication and diplomatic skills
  • Memory
  • Inner clarity
  • Physical fitness
  • Confidence and hope
  • Intuition
Emerald stone, Believed to give a warning to the owner if there is a bad thing that will happen, the color will turn out to be more pale.