Manifestation, prosperity and commerce, boosts physical energy,
digestion, and blood circulation

Citrine connects to spiritually will help brings our thoughts into being on the physical plane and helping us to realize our dreams.  Citrine is especially useful for desires involving happiness, wealth, success and communication. 

In ancient times, a merchants and business owners believe if keep in their cash register a piece of citrine stone will bring good fortune and can control the flow of their money well to their businesses. They also believe that Citrine was carried as a protection against snake venom and evil thoughts.

Best for people who struggle with:

  • assimilation of food
  • lack of self-confidence,
  • depression symptoms or perhaps
  • getting inspired to get started on your upcoming task,
  • happiness
  • taking action
  • physical energy
  • digestion
  • blood circulation
  • detoxification of the kidneys and liver
  • back problems
  • restful sleep
  • heart, muscle tissue, pancreas, thyroid gland, hormonal system and the immune system