Psychological Ailments, Beauty, Health, and a Better Self

Amethyst brings physical and psychological healing properties. The stone helps increase overall health, and changes people for the better by increasing their inner peace and wisdom to ward off negative emotions (which also often lead to physical problems). It is associated with beauty and attractiveness, so it is often used as love charms.

Amethyst is believed to be able to cure various ailments by both Western and Eastern traditions. The deep purple hue of amethyst is regarded a symbol of mysticism and deep wisdom, and it was used to be carried by priests and healers in many traditions.

Best for people who struggle with:

  • skin conditions, pimples and severe acne
  • beautiful and attractiveness
  • stomachache and digestion problems
  • respiratory and lung problems
  • toxin buildup in the body and the detoxification process
  • anxiety, depression and bad moods
  • insomnia, other sleeping problems, 
  • overall health
  • negative emotions (which also often lead to physical problems)