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In short, most multi-billion dollar diet programs work. Companies like Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, South Beach, and Jenny Craig can’t be in business without 80-90% success rate for their programs. The claims of Marie Osmond and Oprah’s weight loss are true. Anyone can have the same results claimed by the big diet industry if you stick to a plan in its entirety.

“Try Some New Moves”

Everyone knows that exercise is important. It helps not only keep our bodies healthy, but our minds as well. Some people go to the gym, while others prefer to stay at home and do their workouts. Most of us exercise with good intentions, but a lot of times we get used to or have an idea in our head that doing one or two types of exercises and forget about others that are just as important for full body health. There are actually four types of exercises and in this blog today I am going to go over each of them with you. 

Debunking the Myths Related Aging Skin

Since way before Ponce de Leon landed in Florida and discovered the “Fountain of Youth” in St. Augustine (It’s not real.  Been there.  Looked.) People have been trying to find the secret to staying young.

Getting’ it on is Good for You! Bow Chicka Bow Wow!!

Growing up, adults tried to beat into your head that sex was evil and would bring you nothing but “The Clap,” “Rosemary’s Baby,” and a broken heart.  Well, now that you are all grown up yourself, you know that these things can still happen, however, hopefully you didn’t have “Carrie’s” mom and know the proper precautions to take.  After these precautions are taken, the benefits of sex (and lots of it!) may surprise you and give you a reason to do it more often!  If you aren’t in the mood these days, try anyway.  The more you do it, the more your body wants to do it.

Help Prevent the Hell that is the New Year’s Day Hangover

If you insist on going out for a night of college level binge drinking to celebrate the New Year you are: A.) A tougher person than I am and B.)You should take note of the following hangover prevention suggestions:

The new year is going to be your best year yet, I know it, and you have to believe it. Here are some health tips I dug up to help you in your quest to have the best year ever!

9 Tips for Healthier Men…That They Don’t Already Know

First off, I know you are asking, “Why 9 tips?”  Because everybody does 5 or 10 or 15, let me be original here!  There are plenty of scientific facts that we all know that are good for our health, and usually ignore, but these following little gems are handy little pieces of info that will keep you healthy in many ways!




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Fitness coach Aja Davis took a rare break to sit down with Coach Todd to discuses client goals and challenges as they relate to health and fitness.

Do you have pre-diabetes or have diabetes?

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