Skipping on Meals to Lose Weight?

We all know that if you are obese or overweight, having those extra pounds on you is causing you more damage than is just visible. There are hundreds of side effects of an overweight body, but the worst is the depression that comes with the weight and low physical activity. There are millions of reasons, that might be responsible for adding those extra pounds to your body and equally, there are numerous ways to get rid of them too. More often than not, people tend to pick up the few methods to lose weight that do more harm than they do any good to the body; skipping meals, radical exercises and slimming medications.

If you are suffering from health issues that come with your overweight body, you are definitely doing yourself a favor by trying to reduce your weight. It will undoubtedly decrease cholesterol levels, the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, however, it is very important to make sure you are not going about it the wrong way.

Even doctors who study and treat obesity, advise that weight loss by skipping meals on an extreme level, performing radical exercises or consuming weight loss  medications without a prescription, may end up doing you more harm than good. Skipping meals in an attempt to discard those extra pounds is definitely a no-win situation. People trying such extreme measures might be able to see few drastic changes in the beginning, but you start gaining weight with double speed once you stop the skipping the meals. This is one of the side effects of this extreme process to  lose weight; the others are the health issues.


What can I do?

I hate the word diet and love the idea of changing habits.  One of the best books on the market today is Lyn-Genet Recitas’ The Plan: Eliminate the Surprising "Healthy" Foods That Are Making You Fat--and Lose Weight Fast. This cutting-edge “anti-diet” book, reveals the surprising truth behind what actually makes people pack on the pounds. The book helps you eliminate inflammatory foods that cause weight gain.  Foods that are revered by traditional weight loss programs, such as turkey, eggs, salmon, cauliflower, black beans, and tomatoes, may be healthy in a vacuum, but when combined with each person's unique chemistry, they can cause a toxic reaction that triggers weight gain, premature aging, inflammation, and a host of health problems including constipation, migraines, joint pain, and depression.  Pretty unbelievable right?  I know three people who have done this program and seen amazing results!  It is not even that hard if you are committed.

Starving your body or going through radical exercise regimes to get to your goal weight is the worst type of torture that you could implement on your body. Such crash courses in diet plans are more likely to crash and burn in the long term. Actually they are sure to end up in long term weight gain. The other health issues include things like being low on energy and craving high-sugar and high-fat foods. And when you finally give up to the craving and eat you might end up eating more than what is needed, ultimately gaining back the weight you just lost.

There are millions of ways to lose weight in a healthy way, so why go for the few that are actually bad for your health? They might sound like the quickest ways to lose weight, but then they come with terms and conditions. So remember what is your goal, losing weight in the long term with results that uphold or losing weight in the short term that last for equally short period?