Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Dedicated to all the fantastic fathers, to their health!

When it comes to the health of our beloved automobiles, we men tend to take no chances.  Once the ‘service due’ message flashes on the dash, we’re down to our local service center just as soon as we can buckle up.   So why do we take such an opposite view with our own health?  In June of this year, the Agency for Healthcare, Research and Quality, revealed that only 57% of American men visited their doctor during the previous year, against 74% of women.  That is a shocking statistic.


While the population is healthier that it was ten years ago in terms of diet and exercise, we should view annual check-ups as an important part of our fitness regime.   What’s the point of living a healthy day to day lifestyle simply to look and feel good, only to be struck down by an underlying problem that could have been identified by having a check-up?  We wouldn’t miss out on giving our autos an annual service just because we fed it with top grade gas throughout the year, would we?  So we should ensure that we look after our own bodies in just the same way.  We also need to make sure that any changes of diet and an increase in exercise are not having a negative effect on our bodies, particularly our hearts. 

Here is a list of checks that we should have every year without fail and which will take less than 20 minutes. 

  •                Blood Pressure
  •                Cholesterol
  •                Blood Tests for Vitamin and Other Deficiencies
  •                Urine
  •                Vision and Hearing

These simple tests will alert the medical professionals of any potential heart and lung problems; those at risk of a stroke, cancers, diabetes and other ailments that can all be effectively treated if diagnosed early.

It is staggering that 40% of men in their forties and 55% of those in their fifties have never had a cholesterol test, yet they provide an early indicator for an age group that is one of the highest in terms of risk of a coronary or a stroke.  And this isn’t just about those who have poor diets or rarely exercise.  There are many men who wrongly assume that because of the amount of exercise they do, that they are less likely to suffer a coronary or stroke.  This simply isn’t true.  Leading cardiologists in the U.S. are coming to the conclusion that exercising strenuously for more than an hour or two, can cause heart tissue to stretch, scar or tear which in turn can lead to dangerous changes in heart rhythm.   

 Of course prevention is always better than cure, and prevention is also far quicker and easier than cure.  So come on guys, treat yourself like you treat your automobile and book yourself in for your annual service.