How to get over a Bad Hangover?

Have you ever had a handover that could get so nasty that it would end up upsetting your complete schedule for the day or at times even more than a single day? The number of days that a hangover continues for complexly depends on your predilection of alcohol tolerance. Now if you have had hangovers, then you must have tried things to get over it too. Needless to say, you must definitely have used medicines or things that have had unworthy credentials even. Lets try some better and quick hangover cures that are much more effective and could be easily found lying around somewhere in your own house.

Coconut Water or Water with Electrolytes:

The body gets highly dehydrated after so much of alcohol intake and thus the best thing for your body would be to have it hydrated, as much as you can. Get it hydrated. One of the best ways of doing so might be coconut water as against other adult beverages, low on sugar and lots of water, a natural health drink.


Ginger tea:

Now, you must have known the benefits of ginger tea for treating nausea and cold and cough, but one thing you do not know is the fact that ginger tea is great at reliving hangover headaches. And the best part apart from helping you get over that head-splitting hangover headache, ginger tea helps in digesting the alcohol easily without having to suffer cramps.


High alcohol intake might end up causing excessive acidity that would ultimately cause a lot of body pain. This body pain could be best relieved by taking any good antacid that you might be having lying around at your house.


Do not be surprised by this addition to the list of hangover cures. It is more of a hangover prevention aid that an outright cure. Eat a few bananas before you hit the bar next time, you will see the difference. They have a coating and re-hydrating effects on the intestine that helps you recover faster from the excess alcohol intake.


Avoiding food:, especially when you are feeling sick to your stomach, is the worst thing when hung over. Eat something, force yourself if you have to.

The best tip I can give is prevent your hangover!

  • Drink one glass of water for every ounce of booze you consume.
  • Make sure you drink water before bed and have water by your bed for when you wake up thirsty.  If you are thirsty you are already dehydrated.
  • Avoid cocktails with higher sugar content when drinking.

Next time you hit the bar, do not be sacred of the hangover that you will have to go through the next morning and remember to use the above tips to get over the hangover quickest.