Help Prevent the Hell that is the New Year’s Day Hangover

Here is our follow up to "Get over a Bad Hangover."

If you insist on going out for a night of college level binge drinking to celebrate the New Year you are: A.) A tougher person than I am and B.)You should take note of the following hangover prevention suggestions:



This is an oldie, but a goody!  Drink lots of water BEFORE you go out on a wild night of drinking.  The water in your bloodstream will dilute the alcohol you drink, making you less prone to that demon headache and cartwheel stomach, New Year’s morning.


The effects on your body that cause that horrible hangover that will have you hanging over the porcelain throne and make even whispers sound like cymbals in the front row of a high school football game half-time show, can be prevented or worsened by your choice of drinks.  Drinking darker colored liquors, red wines and malt liquors increase your chances for a headache.  It’s much better to stick with beer or vodka and other clear liquors to wake up not feeling like crap!


Between those Cosmos or if you are insane, Irish Car Bombs; drink a soda, juice, or water all sans any alcohol.  This will help keep your body hydrated.  Even though you drank water all day, you will lose a lot of it by “breaking the seal” after your third beer and have to stumble to the bathroom every ten minutes after doing so. Hangovers have a lot to do with simply being dehydrated. So drinking a non-alcoholic beverage in between, will help replace the fluids you lose as a result of alcohol’s diuretic effects.  Keep chugging as much water as you are downing the hooch and you will decrease the feeling of wanting to die in the morning.

I drink a glass of water for every drink I have.  Or maybe a couple glasses of Champagne to one 10-16 oz bottle of water.

The best way not to get a hangover is not drinking at all, but we all know almost nobody follows that rule…so take care of yourself before the last “Beerfest” of 2013 and you should wake up a little less hung over and self-loathing. If you refuse to listen to the above advice or “forget” to do it, visit us Wednesday morning for Part 2, helping you to cure that first hangover of the year!   Most importantly, you guys, be responsible!  Have a great time, but be safe and don’t drink and drive!  No amount of fun or celebration is worth your life.