Debunking the Myths Related Aging Skin

Since way before Ponce de Leon landed in Florida and discovered the “Fountain of Youth” in St. Augustine (It’s not real.  Been there.  Looked.) People have been trying to find the secret to staying young.

Throughout antiquity, both women and men have come up with some crazy B.S. to try to stay looking young.  Bee venom facials, IV drips, vampire face lifts, Botulism injections, bathing in the blood of virgins, eating placenta and bull semen facials and I am sure many more and lots more twisted.  Google it.  Gross.  Seems anyone who claims to know a trick to stay looking young forever can get a following.  This has caused there to be many myths about skin care. So, I, once and for all, am going to debunk some of these myths.

MYTH: The higher the SPF the better it is for your skin.

Drinking water can make your skin glow. Dehydration can make your skin looks flaky and less elastic.

Drinking water can make your skin glow. Dehydration can make your skin looks flaky and less elastic.

WRONG: An SPF number only indicates how much UVB protection it will provide in a completely ideal situation.  Throw in your skin type, the length of time you are directly in the sun, water and sweat and that number changes.  To what?  To quote Mr. Owl, “The world may never know.” So when browsing for sunscreen the important thing to look for is not the SPF number, but whether that brand blocks out both types of sun rays, not just UVB rays but UVA rays also.

MYTH: Sunscreen can reverse sun damage

WRONG and DUMB: Sunscreen is made to screen the sun’s rays therefore protecting and preventing.  Sun damage is irreversible so the only way not to have it is prevent it with sunscreen and moisturizers.  Lest you look like the “leather faced lady.” C’mon, every place has a sun worshipper that looks like a worn out version of one of John Wayne’s saddles.

MYTH: Anti-Wrinkle cream removes wrinkles.

WRONG and LOL! Never in history (sorry, Ponce) has there been a magic cream, potion or elixir that you can slather all over your wrinkly face and wipe off looking like you did in college.  Anti-wrinkle creams moisturize and fill in wrinkles making you appear younger for at most a few hours.  If you are looking for something more permanent seek out a Dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.

MYTH: Aging is more about treating the skin on the outside and not doing anything inside the body.

WRONG:  As much as the manufacturers of those $80 1 oz. jars of liquid face lift would like you to believe, keeping yourself hydrated is just as important if not more important in keeping your skin looking good.  However, water only works to hydrate the skin from the inside out.  Drinking 8 glasses of water a day, could give you quite the glow.  Be careful, it is possible to drink too much water and doing so is dangerous. Another helpful thing to do to keep your skin from getting dry, flaky, and itchy is to apply a moisturizer containing the ingredient Hyaluronic Acid within two minutes.  This agent can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, therefore locking the water on your skin in, keeping it moisturized for longer.

Nobody is in agreement on how much or how little water will help or if it’ll help at all but many studies have proven that increasing water intake made skin more radiant.  Even if it doesn’t make you glow like the sun, it will decrease the amount of toxins in your body which will help with more than just the health of your skin.

Some of these anti-aging products are astronomically priced with very little pay off.  Just make sure you know what to expect before you go spending your wine money on it.  Or you could just have a placenta sandwich.