Coaching for Weight Loss, Coaching for Health


One topic that is of great interest and concern in this day and age is weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Everyone out there would love to be able to say that their bodies and ways of living are as healthy as they could possibly be. However, for most, this unfortunately not the case. In an age where dining at fast food restaurants and infrequent exercise are the norm, it is not surprising that many individuals find it quite east to find an excuse for poor dieting habits and almost nonexistent exercise routines. However, it is fortunate for those out there who wish to break the mold that there are many ways to achieve that healthy lifestyle that they have always desired.

One method of achieving and improving your style of living is by considering a health coach as part of your wellness routine. Fighting with the struggles and temptations that can come along with your journey to a more healthful lifestyle can feel as if they are impossible to deal with on your own. A coach will help you cope with your struggles as well as celebrate your triumphs. Your coach will help you turn your inners goals into physical actions and eventually your goals will become a reality.

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Although it would be wonderful to have a coach on your side helping you stick to your health goals, health coaching is not for everyone. You may be stuck with correcting your unhealthy habits on your own. If you are one of these people, it would be very wise to know which exercising habits do and do not work. For example, you would think that a thirty to sixty minute jog or run would be a healthy way to exercise right? Not exactly. You will only burn calories while you are running and you will only see minimal results from exercising this way. However, if you start off slowly and then accelerate as fast as you possibly can, repeating this process a few times, you will see better results. You will continue to burn the calories from this type of exercise for 48 hours after.