7 Ways to Make Time to Workout

You have told yourself a million times that you really need to take the time to start working out. You truly do want to get in shape and drop those extra pounds. Yet, there always seems to be something that gets in the way of you actually committing to getting in better shape. Home life. Work. School. Travel. Hobbies. There are numerous activities that keep you busy during the day and evening. These things are all important, but consider what would happen if you continue to ignore your health.

Over time the risk to health increases as your physical energy decreases. 

Health coaching can assist you in setting goals and finding time in your busy schedule to get in some physical exercise. There are twenty-four hours in a day and 168 hours a week. With some ingenuity and planning you can easily find the time to get in shape.

Here are some easy ways to get started:

Set a Goal

Goal setting is crucial to the success of any weight loss plan. Goals inspire you and provide a reason to keep making an effort. There is a number in your head that keeps popping up. It is the number of pounds you wish to lose. Write it down on a sticky note and put it someplace where you can see it every day. Now you have a tangible goal to work towards.




Focus on the Benefits

What do you hope to achieve by adding exercise to your life? Perhaps you want to wear a certain size of clothing. You want to have more energy to have fun with your family. Maybe you want to look ten years younger. Focus on the end results you wish to achieve.  Be honest, even if it is just to look better.

Increase Your Movement Opportunities

Use those idle moments when you are not doing anything in particular to engage your body in some type of movement. Do simple things like walk in place, squat down low and back up again or move your arms up and down. Move your legs up and down while sitting down relaxing. I often walk around my space while coaching.

Do Smaller Workouts

During health coaching you learn that smaller workouts are just as effective as longer sessions. All you really need is five minutes during any part of the day. Do several jumping jacks or other aerobic exercises. Grab your MP3 player and dance to your favorite music. These smaller workouts done throughout the day keep your metabolism fired up.

Exercise During the Morning Routine

While you are getting ready for the day go ahead and add some quick exercises to your morning routine. For example, you can do a few push-ups before getting into the shower. Run in place while waiting to get into the bathroom.

Workout on Lunch Break

Lunchtime offers you the chance to get in a healthy ten minute workout doing moderate exercises. Walk up and down a flight of stairs. Walk around the office or building exterior.

Walk Instead of Ride

Replace riding with walking when possible. Walk to the store, post office, bank, etc.