5 Tips to Healthier Women in the New Year

The new year is going to be your best year yet, I know it, and you have to believe it. Here are some health tips I dug up to help you in your quest to have the best year ever!

1.      Green Apples for Health

Get those migraines right before your cycle?  Maybe your kids are animals and with your husband to boot you get them a little more often than once a month.  The Smell and Taste Research Center, in Chicago, found that sniffing a fresh green apple helped migraine sufferers feel less pain from their symptoms.  Green apples have also been proven to reduce the feelings of stress in those who are claustrophobic.  Apples generally, are associated with being outdoors, so the smell and sight actually tricks your mind into thinking spaces are larger.  So keep some fresh apples handy in case you need them and if you don’t, Dutch Apple Pie is ah-maze-ing.


2.      Pump it up

Good news ladies!  Those high-heeled stilettos you like to wear around to keep men looking at you, with bad thoughts on their minds, are actually beneficial to your health.  It was found that wearing high heels, although not as comfortable on the feet, could prevent arthritis in the knees later on in life. There is another added benefit to high heels, according to Italian urologist, Maria Cerruto, M.D. wearing even a moderately high heel strengthens the pelvis, tones the legs and works on the muscles that all work toward orgasm.  So what does that mean?  You got it, better sex.

3.      Mix it up

If you are like many, you like your routine!  Get up, have some coffee, get ready and hop in your ride for your commute.  The radio set to your usual NPR talk radio show.  It’s cool to be nerdy and listen to NPR.  However, According to Professor Fletcher at Hertfordshire University in England, doing something as simple as changing the radio station up in the car can help us to change bad habits.  These easy to make changes can assist us in getting out of negative thinking patterns, quit smoking or drinking and help  us to lose weight, just by getting out of the mundane.

4.      Chocolate Milk, Not Water!

Yes ladies, you heard correctly, not one but TWO studies have confirmed that drinking low fat chocolate milk after a workout gave athletes better benefits than a non-caloric or carbohydrate filled sports drink.  The milk is protein and let’s face it protein shakes taste like crap.  Thank you UT at Austin for figuring this out!  So stock up on the low fat chocolate milk so you have some at the ready after a long run or a good workout at the gym!

5.      The Phrase “Shit Eating Grin,” Just took on a Whole New Meaning

Always, Always, ALWAYS flush the toilet with the lid down!  If you are like most people, you keep your toothbrushes in closer proximity to your toilet than you care to even think about.  Ever.  Microbiologists have found that not closing the lid before you flush allows a fine mist of bacteria, sometimes containing E.Coli as well as bits of fecal matter to plume into the air and eventually settle on everything in your bathroom, including your toothbrush.  Not a fresh, clean feeling to start or finish the day, is it?

Hopefully these little helpful tips will help you with something you’re struggling with, never thought about or have always wondered.  Try one or none, but whatever you do, let’s make 2014 a healthier year for you!!