What happens in the Free Session?


You must be something special! You've been personally invited to participate in one of just a few free Life Breakthrough sessions we offer each month.

What can you expect during the session?

  • A one-on-one help to guide someone through your life purpose and personal goals.
  • Awareness of the elements in your life hindering success.
  • An understanding of how small action steps can shift a person’s energy.
  • Complete confidence (many clients do not speak of their coaching at all).

A free session by phone lasts 90 minutes, depending on the your goals and interests. The most important thing is that you pick a time where you can be in a private place without interruptions. It’s your “golden time” to have total focus on the results you want to achieve!

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Actual Coaching Reviews from Actual Clients

"Coach Todd has changed my life.  I have gone from filing for protection from my creditors to bringing in $20,000 a month with my own business in just months!  Having a coach gave me the confidence and strategies I needed to change my life."  -- Confidential, New York City

"My divorce lingered on for over a year, until I started participating in weekly one-on-one coaching.  Within weeks I finalized my divorce and started to completely move on emotionally. I was able to focus on myself and start a new business venture..."   -- Confidential, San Francisco, CA

"I was unsure I needed coaching because I was generally happy in life.  I soon realized I was not doing anything for myself.  I took care of work, the kids and my husband but had little "me time." Through coaching, I was able to be a better mother and wife by setting aside time for me.  My kids and I have better quality time and my husband LOVES spending time with me more now than he has in years."   -- Confidential, London

"Sales goals have always been my life.  Because of my commitments to my coach and myself, I've doubled my sales during important events and sales challenges.  Doubled sales mean potentially double income.  Now I have changed my focus to dating and being happy in a relationship for the first time in years."   -- Confidential, Mexico City

All life coaching remains strictly confidential.