Employee Development Coaching

Salary and health coverage is vital to a company’s performance through attendance, productivity, recruitment and retention. A tool often overlooked, professional development, has higher proven productivity and financial results. Imagine offering your talented staff the tools to move past ANY work dilemma, for example a sales plateau.


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Think about the amount of time your senior managers spend on the same internal political jockeying or managing their team’s stress (both professional and personal). You have the tool to move your team past repetitive problems by investing in development coaching.

Employee development coaching consists of weekly discussions and group coaching sessions geared toward your company’s professional environment. Each session is an investment in your valuable human resource. It helps by allowing your team to move past the common difficulties they face in their professional (and sometimes personal) environment, hindering the performance you need each day.

Sessions are traditionally offered for one to two hours per week. Management or the human resource managers can assign attendees or teams for topics. Sessions could be a voluntary benefit for staff or could turn into an employee development launch series.

Do you feel like a school principal – and need to send “students” to the counselor’s office?

The follow up one on one session, can offer your staff the ability to dive deeper on any persisting issues in the professional environment with a coach familiar with your corporate dynamics. Imagine never having to utter the words, “you’re fired” again. Through follow on coaching, you will have the resource to refer any employee to receive further coaching to ensure a transformation to a successful employee. This confidential coaching can be engaged for managers dealing with specific team dynamics or a specific leadership challenge. An employee can be assigned a coach for a specific career enhancement goal.

Develop your company’s coaches – allow us to sack ourselves!

You already have so many people in your company who are stepping up to the challenge of being an everyday mentor and coach. You can now offer series throughout the year to enhance the skills and tools of your natural coaches. Offering a coach’s training component will teach your team the tools needed to take on the role offered by a development coach to end our services. This program will ensure your company has everything in place for proper assessment of staff, development programs and the trained team of natural leaders to administer a program completely in-house.

This program offers companies the opportunity to stay on top of their game through an innovative investment in the most valuable of all assists, their people.  

Coaching can cover:

  • Recruiting the most appropriate employee for the job

  • Increasing sales goals for individuals or a team

  • Managing creative or skilled teams

  • Managing client personalities and being a more productive clients

  • Career advancement and retention

  • Getting to know your teams dynamics and building for cohesion

  • Managing your manager’s expectations

  • “Checking baggage” you bring to work each day

  • Rapport building to get results

Plus much more all tailored to your company's goals.