Top 4 “I don’t Want Coaching” Excuses!

I love being a coach.  My mission is to give the gifts I’ve developed as a coach to as many people as possible so they can realize the profound changes I have seen through coaching in my life and the lives of my clients.  What’s stopping people from signing up?  It’s the same reasons why people are stumbling and stagnating in life.  Here are the most popular four:

My life is pretty good right now….

I don’t really have anything in my life that can be better.  My health, weight, romantic relationship, friendships, work, finances, and everyday joy is thriving on all counts.  

Really? I actually love coaching this type of client. These people have got it together enough that they end up thriving in ways they never dreamed.  These clients often worry about upsetting the apple cart in life.  Here is a little secret, there is no apple cart in life. Once they give coaching a chance they are so impressed by the coaching experience because their lives become measurably better than “pretty good.”  Of course they are the ones doing the work. They change their frame of reference and try new approaches in which they they focus their energies.  I never mind kudos from my clients, but these are not my changes, they are theirs.

I don’t see how I could spend the money on coaching.

With this, that, and the other things… I can't see how I could budget for someone to help make my life better.  Wouldn’t savings money benefit my life more than spending money on a coach?

These clients are right. They can’t see how improving themselves makes them more money.  They cannot see past a modest monthly fee, because their cash flow may not support expenditures beyond basic living needs. This is the problem.  ALL, let me state this again, ALL of my clients make more money after having been coached.  Some have even seen 100% increases in their income. Some have been able to quit their 9-5 jobs to do other more exciting things. So for the few who cannot see the forest through the trees, give up, pitch a tent and hunker down next to the tree in front of you.

Recently one client was really stressed out by his coaching experience. He is a successful realtor who had to make some changes from a 24/7 focus on his career.  He started taking his dating life seriously, took a lengthy class to become a real-estate broker, committed to working out three times a week, took the proper time for meals, and started looking into investment properties outside of his real-estate business. He was really impressive. He made all these changes in one month. The result? He had the best month financially in his 15 year professional career!  It pays to put you first!

I really dont want to own up to ...

We can all fill in the blank here:  

  • I have an abusive work/personal relationship that I cannot imagine moving away from.

  • I know my concept of money and spending is flawed. I’m embarrassed to shine the light on my dirty secrets.  

  • If I start to poke around at my life, I’ll have to deal with something I’ve been putting off for a long time.

It’s really not that difficult.  All relationships can be changed in a matter of days. My clients shift the energy they give to relationships. Others instantly start to treat them differently. I have too many stories to recount of clients who go from a potentially dead end marriage or work relationship to having thriving and very happy relationships.  

Your boss keeps you down and treats you poorly?  Easy fix!  You and your spouse never have sex anymore?  Easy fix!  You had a fight years ago with a family member and you are still holding on to it?  Easy fix!

I have no time.

I have no time to get my hair done or even work out.  How can I find time to talk with a coach an hour or so a week?

Yes, people pleasers, you do have time. You need to be able to say the words, “You tired mommy out, mommy needs a break” without feeling like you are a bad parent.  Or, “No I am not interested in going to see the art exhibit tonight with you, I want to go home and work on my own art project.”

This is simple. What will your child grow up to expect of his wife or the mother of his kids?  Someone who cannot make time to get a massage or her hair done?  

Guys, you are not off the hook either.  Are able to say to your boss, “I am leaving now, little Rose has tee-ball practice tonight?”  Or, do you say this to your significant other (actually heard on the streets of NYC), “I work in finance, I don't get off at 5:30 or 6, I get off when they say I can go home.”  Either way, you will have a significant change in your life when you start to put yourself first.

Coaching is the most important hour or so of your week. You set forth your intentions for your life, for your family, and for your happiness.  You are coming up with a game plan to be proactive in life rather than always reacting to the pressures others place on you.  How could you miss out on this part of your week?  It’s like going up on your cessna without checking the fuel line, propeller, safety gear or tires.  This is done sometimes but it’s not advisable!!!

Just think, is it possible that some of the crap you are doing may not be getting you where you want, to be?