Success in the New Year

It’s already two days into the New Year.  How did yesterday fair for you?  Most people probably took it easy to nurse their hangover or to rest after staying up or out too late.  Forgive yourself for being a bum yesterday, if that’s what you were doing.  However, today is the second, you (should be) hangover free and be getting yourself psyched up for a brand new year at work starting Monday.

The series of blogs to come starting today and going through next week are going to give you a little peek into secrets, I know that can make you successful in every and any area of your life.

This blog is going to give you some general tips on how to be successful and then we will talk about how to apply those specifically to all areas of your life, not just your career.  Put for the sake of getting you ready for Monday let’s do this!

WARNING:  Reading some tips online isn't going to make you successful.  It will give you ideas, but you still have to implement them, which can be a very difficult process.  It can seem impossible for us to change habits, our thinking, our beliefs and our perceptions.  That’s where I can help.  Contact me for your free 90 Minute Session where we can get your goals in order and ideas into how you can achieve these goals to make 2014 your most successful year ever!! You have 100% better chance of achieving your goals and dreams with someone (Me!) in your corner than you would be trying to do it alone.

Here are 7 Secrets to being Successful

1.  Forget the past, stay in the now.  It is the ONLY way you are going to change your future into something amazing.

2. Make a written list of all of your goals and dreams, no matter how hard they may seem to attain.  Look at the list daily and never stop believing and thinking about how you can achieve EVERY SINGLE ONE!

3. Use negative criticism to better yourself, not become jaded and bitter.  Instead of using negativity to make yourself feel bad, stupid or not good enough because of whatever you did (or did not do) that pissed someone off.  Use those negative comments to propel you to do even better!  Show those jerks, you got this!

4. As Yoda not so clearly states: “No! Try not.  Do or do not.  There is NO TRY!”  This means do it, even if you are terrified. “Fake it till you make it.”  “Just do it!”  Whatever cliché you want to use, don’t go into something saying “I’ll try.”  Go into it with the attitude of “I AM going to do this.”  After a while you will realize that you don’t have those feelings of anxiety anymore.  Action is the only way to move forward!

5. Happy thoughts bring positive outcomes.  Worry brings negative outcomes.  Always try to stay in a positive state of mind and you’ll find that even when that project or situation you were so optimistic about goes to hell in a hand basket, you’ll be better equipped to deal with it and bounce back faster.

6. Do not allow yourself to be interrupted whether it is during your work time, your “me” time, family and friend time.  No matter what you are doing make sure it is getting your undivided attention and full effort!

7. If you have any doubt about any situation, then you lack faith in yourself that you can handle it properly, whether it is at work or in a relationship.  Do not attempt things you don’t believe you can do (which should be nothing, because you really can do anything!) However, if that is the case, leave it to someone that knows without a doubt they can do it.  If you attempt it with the attitude “I can’t.” You are just going to do a really crappy job.

Those are just a few general success secrets that should help you as you head back to the daily grind Monday, in a brand new year!  You can do or be whoever you want in 2014. And that should not only excite you, but motivate you!

Contact me now for a FREE 90 minute session, where we can talk about your goals and how we can work together to attain those for you!

You are amazing and I want to help you bring that to the forefront.  Once we do that, the universe will open up for you and life will be better than you ever dreamed!

-Coach Todd