Power of Positive in Career Change

Imagine this client of mine who was unemployed and going through a career change.  She sat at home each day focused on the only thing she could think to do to get a new job, search the job boards on LinkedIn and other niche sites.  She was very depressed and couldn't understand why she would get interviews and nothing would come of it.

Imagine the opposite side of this scenario, you are a hiring manager deciding between two or three people. One nice woman comes in but totally lacks the confidence you need to have someone take the work off your plate in the office.  Would you hire a depressed person?

Her life changed through coaching.  She was allowed only a few minutes a day to look at job postings. After all, they don’t change that much day to day.  She was finding herself disappointed more and more as she spent long hours looking.  If looking is causing you to bring negative energy into your world, it could be the one thing hindering you.

Second, she committed to working out 4 times a week and creating variety in her workout. She made it a point to be around new people and do group events.  Soon, she had the mental clarity needed to be in a good place for interviews and for positive thinking when she networked or looked for jobs online.


Third, she stopped talking about the job search to her regular crew of family and friends.  Reliving the negative experience when you are getting support from friends was not helping her to get the positive place she needed.  She needed positive energy from these people and got commiseration instead.

Finally, she had to break out of the box of what she wanted or thought she should be doing. She started to look at things she really loved and made a commitment to stop applying for the same jobs that didn’t want her for months.  Once she realized she was not a fit where she thought she wanted to go professionally, she opened her mind and tried to find happiness.

Result? Within a few weeks of becoming truly open and happy, she was offered two different jobs.

Note to partners of unemployed people.  Do not let your unemployed partner bring you down.  Staying positive is the number one thing you can do right now.  Also keep an eye on your work life balance. Often when you are the main breadwinner in a family, you often become a bit more manic about your work performance.  I have done this and I have managed people who go to this place, believe me, I know.  As a manager I needed to shake their shoulder and tell them to RELAX. Is this you?  It will negatively affect your ability to be a good partner if you are killing yourself professionally.