Key to career success: Delegate it

When you are at management level, the quote “work hard” is no more applicable for a leader, you need to rely on “work smart”.  Communication at this point is the key to working things out the best. It is extremely significant to the success of your career that you delegate effectively. This is why it is critical that you learn to delegate as soon as you can. Let’s, go through some vital tips that might help you in the art of delegating.

Know your strengths to start with:


You are not supposed to do it all or learn it all. You need to start with digging up your strengths, know them and applying them to your benefit. There are millions of tools available to help you tap into your strengths, if you have any doubts. You can even ask people who know you best, trust me, you will end up with good results. The thing is, you have got to capitalize on these strengths.

Try identifying the strengths of people around you:


This is going to be a great help, once you are do it. Get to know the people around you, not just your team, but everyone you work with. This can be easily done simply by asking the people who have known other employees or their team member and friends. You can also research their previous works, you will definitely end up knowing exactly what projects they are good for.

Be a leader and think about everyone:


Definitely, you are very good at few things, but being a leader, you must know the importance of letting others try new things. You need to let people who are starting out new, stretch themselves by trying new tasks, even if that is your specialization.

Asking for help is not wrong:


If you end up with the realization that you are not strong enough, for a job as per the requirement of the task, do not hesitate to ask for help. That will only make you look stronger and more open to adjustments. You can seek out advice from your colleagues, who do not necessarily have to be on your team or in your department.


Keep on trying:


It is not necessary that the project delegation will work out the best the first time you do it. Giving it a try is the important part. People learn from their mistakes and experience, you need to keep this in mind and make sure that you keep on trying. It works out for everyone, and will work out for you too.



Overwhelmed? You're doing it wrong:

Being a manager or a leader in the purest sense is not working at all, it is leading and making sure everything that needs to be done is done. Think of the orchestra conductor stopping mid song to pick up a violin to pick up some of the slack of the performance.  Your top job is management and your second job is reviewing the work product of your team.  Resist the urge to take a good product and make it better.  Send it back for revision or you will soon be overwhelmed playing all the instruments of the orchestra rather than conducting.

It is quite common for the new starters to go with the motto, “If you want it, to be done right, do it yourself”. However, remember, it is bound to exhaust you and an exhausted leader cannot think creatively. So delegate. People under you will take the challenge and impress you.