Go Get It! 6 Job Interview Tips

Feel like it’s time to change life up a bit?  Are you ready for a new career or an internal promotion? If you don't know where to start, some coaching will help you. If you are ready, here are 6 tips on how to impress the interviewers!

  1. Show your interest in the position and the company.  It will be harder for them to tell you "no" and the person most excited about the position will get the job. Playing it too "cool" will get you in the middle of the list of applicants.  Feel free to say, "I really want this position." Do it in your own way, but make sure you are being real and vulnerable.  Talk like you are excited to get the job. Put yourself emotionally out there for the interveners to potentially crash your dream. Tell people you know that you want this job. Follow up with the interviewers without worry about being a pest, because the job is yours. Worst case for you, you don’t get that job, but they may want you for another one. If you feel you are being over eager, imagine a single mother looking for work.  Would you feel harassed if you were the hiring manager and this woman really really wanted the job?  No, you can easily forgive over excitement. You cannot forgive lack of enthusiasm. So make it hard for them to tell you to "piss off" and lay your cards out. You can still negotiate your pay with ease after you they make you an offer.

  2. Be yourself. If you put on a total act of what you think they want, you may get the job, but you will not be happy in the position when your true self comes out. They may not like the real you either.  Imagine being in a marriage where you were always someone you are not.  It would eventually make you sick or suicidal.  Don’t let work become a bad relationship. So, how can you be yourself more in interviews?  Laugh at what you think is funny. Talk about things that you are you are really interested. Ask questions you would ask anyone you are getting to know. (Do you live around this part of town or do you have a commute? How has your experience been in the company related to ____?)

  3. Dress for the part.  One of my favorite clichés is “Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want.”  Looks are another person’s first impression of you, so you should wear appropriate business attire that fits and flatters you.  Make sure your hair is neat and that you give off a look of well-maintained confidence. Rule of thumb, go one level above what you think they will be wearing. They don’t wear ties; you wear a tie.  They wear jeans, wear dress slacks, etc.

  4. Make sure you know about the company.  Create a folder with all the information you want to read up on the company. Make notes, highlight things, and bring the folder with you to the interview. Show them know you are taking them very seriously.  One of the most impressive things you can do is show that you know about the company and the role.  You know what they do, their culture, their mission, a little bit of history even.  When you get to your interview, work some of your knowledge into your answers.  You may get lucky, a lot of job interviews nowadays start with “So what do you know about us?” That is when you KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF!  Showing that you can do research and close a deal is a great way to show them you can do that for the company.

  5. After an interview, always let them know you appreciate the time interviewing.  This also reinforces to the potential employer your interest in the job.  You can also use this to address any questions or concerns that may have come up or what you felt was exciting about the prospect of working for them.  Don’t make it too long, an email that gets to the point will do. Finally, don't over think the email. 

  6. If you have a meal or drink with a potential employer, they are looking for your interpersonal skills, how you behave and how you carry yourself. Remember the simple basics: dress professionally, don't put your elbows on the table or talk with your mouth full. Say “please” and “thank you” for anything. Do not order alcohol on your own.  If the host orders a bottle of wine, limit yourself to one glass. Treat restaurant staff with respect. It is also important that you stay relaxed and interact not only with your interviewer but with all that are in attendance.

Job interviews can be stressful, but as much as the fear of judgment, rejection and the change that will come with a new position may want to keep you from attempting, DO NOT LET IT! If it will better you, your family and your situation, go for it!  You have as good a chance as anyone else. One thing that people always regret is not trying, because then they are left to wonder for the rest of their lives, “what if.”  So go for it!!