Career Myths Keeping You from Success & Happiness Part 2

Continuing from Career Myths Keeping You from Success & Happiness, there are millions of myths that cloud the better judgment of people. This keeps them from changing an existing career option that they might think is the perfect job option for them considering the circumstances. There is always a better career option that you might be missing.

Below are few more myths debunked that have been holding you back in your path to success and thus keeping you from finding the ultimate happiness in your career.

Myth: Once you select a career path, there is no changing it.

Fact: The only constant thing in the world is ‘change’. Career success tip; you are never trapped or stuck with a career option. All that is needed is to look into the circumstances and decide on what you are willing to do to change your situation. You may have studied and majored in something in school and would have taken this up as your career had things been different. Conversely, this is not a constraint either,.  If you don’t like a field anymore and do not wish to continue your career in it, there are ways to change.

Myth: Money follows, if you love what you do.

Fact: This sure is true, but happens in very rare of cases. It takes a lot of good luck and lean times to make that happen though. It is not to dishearten you or make you talk yourself out of your dreams, rather is mainly to make sure that you see the practical side of it. You could try something like combining your work with something that you love or identify an area that could allow your free time to be used for your passion. The real phases should be, “if you love your life, money is easier to find.” 


Myth: To earn more get your master’s preferably an MBA.

Fact: This is definitely not true. If money is just the concern, there are millions of jobs that do not call for a master’s and yet could offer you a great payoff. It is highly advised to go for a job, which is a blend of things you would like to do, the level of income that you wish to earn and finally what you can do.  Get a degree if you absolutely need one. If you need a college diploma to be considered for most jobs, get a BA and get out.  If you are passionate about nursing and need a degree for that, go to nursing school. Don’t get a degree if you are less than 100% sure how you will use it.  The time in school could be devoted to a job you love or networking for a job you want.  Bill Gates, Sean Connery, John D. Rockefeller, Richard Branson, Abraham Lincoln, Rachel Ray, Will Smith, Henry Ford, Dave Thomas – all made it without a degree. I am sure you can find a job without an advanced degree!

Do not base your career option on things that people believe or have believed for years and years. Be practical when you choose a career option and do not fall for a career myth. You are not stuck with something just because you have been doing it for a long time or have taken a degree in the field. Respect yourself enough to change a job or career that is no longer serving you or helping you grow.