Career Myths Keeping You From Success & Happiness

There are many myths lurking in the professional field that keep people from rising up to their own expectations. These myths have been the main reason that people hold back in and do not advance in their career path. They cannot see it. I’ll debunk a few of these myths for you now.

Myth: Choose a job based on your skills.

Fact:  This is one of the most common myths. People often think they should choose a career or a job based on what they know very well. Actually, that definitely gives you an edge over others, for the time being. Then, when you are a pro in something, there is very little room left for learning new things and feeling the rush of excitement in doing something new. This will end up leaving you unsatisfied and unfulfilled. You definitely do not want that. Thus, it is very important to try finding something that could give you space for learning, training and rising in a completely new scenario.

Myth: Find “THE” perfect job.

Fact: This is another of the very common myths that there is a perfect job. People fall for this myth most often, mainly because they believe it. The fact remains the same, there is no such thing as that one perfect job. The human mind is something that seeks learning, you cannot do one thing forever, and if you do, you will start feeling the lack of satisfaction and the need for excitement. There is no single job or career option, that could save you from the lack of excitement in job after a particular time. Thus there is no perfect job. There are millions of jobs, which could satisfy the criteria of perfection for the moment; it just depends on the position you are right now in your life.

What to do about this?

Look for things you are interested in and try something rather than continuing to look and search and look and research, etc.  Could you imagine if Leonardo Di Vinci spent his life searching for a great career or job?  The world may be vastly different!


There are millions of myths, which cloud the judgment of a professional, and hold them back in life. These mentioned above, are just few of them and we are still not done with the most important career myths that cloud your judgment and hold you back in life. So, we will continue this discussion in our next blog as well.