Career Advice: How do you know your employees need a coach?

As the corporate world is trying to deal with stiff competition, employees are having hard time coping with the stress. The new thing here is the fact that, there is a way to help your employees cope with it. Michael Phelps, Andre Agassi, and Tiger Woods have coaches, even President Clinton has used the help of a coach. This is not because they lack in their skills for their profession, but to help them keep the skills from loosing their sheen, while trying to cope with the stress and continue performing at their best. Coaching may not increase your capacities or skills, but it definitely helps keep your performance from going down under the stress.

It is the duty of the corporate head to know when their employees need coaches and the points we are about to discuss will help them in doing so.

When the performance of a star employee goes down:

You know your employees need a coach when you realize that one of your star employees has been going down in the job performance line continuously. Considering the Maslow’s hierarchy theory, you must know when your employee is in need of appreciation and when he could be content with some monetary benefits. Even those do not work in increasing the performance of your employee, you must know that he/she is going through some issues that might need coaching.

When there has been a drastic change in your company:

Change is a way of life, but the thing is, not everybody welcomes change. Humanity is quite resistant to change, mainly because they find continuing on a single term much better and easier. When a company goes through a change, even if it is for the good of the company and the employees (like a merger or acquisition), it is always protested at first, if not on an outright basis, a silent dilemma in the heads of the employees is sure to happen. It is important that these employees are given a session of coaching to help them cope with the change.

Give your employees the coaching they need to increase your bottom line.

Give your employees the coaching they need to increase your bottom line.

When your employees keep finding themselves in a fix:

If it happens more than once that your employees keep finding themselves in a fix and keep repeating the mistakes, it is a sign that they are going through something that is keeping them from performing their best. By having them take up a coaching session, you not only get to know the reason for these repeated mistakes, but also help these employees to cope with their issues and increase their performance in the long run.  In other words, transform the cause of these mistakes rather than just deal with them at face value.

When you hire a coach for your employees, you not just show you care for them, you also fulfill your corporate social responsibility. Thus, making sure that your employees feel connected to the company, ultimately increasing their performance in the long run.