Career Advice: Get Over Fear to Land the Perfect Job

When it’s your career, you cannot let anything hold you back. Moreover, if the thing that is holding you back is fear, it is definitely a big ‘NO’. Fear of failure is common.  But when you understand your fear and become fearless, things become easier automatically.

Let’s discuss few tricks to help you get over your fears:

Fear is rooted in a belief.  You may be able to find an alternative belief. 

Fear is rooted in a belief.  You may be able to find an alternative belief. 

Get familiar: The easiest and the most utilized way of getting over fear is to increase your familiarity with the situation or the thing that you are scared of. For example, if you are scared of facing an interview, try facing as many as you can, no matter if you are interested in the job or not. It will help you increase your confidence in yourself and will enhance your attitude towards the interviews. The right attitude is always the thing that makes the difference.

Learn to reframe: Reframing the fear and making it look trivial against the comparisons definitely helps. Look at the millions of people who cannot eat every day. This makes your condition and situation look much better than theirs. Do you still think you have something better to be scared of?

Feel the fear then do it anyway: When you are scared of something, it often is a sign, like your subconscious telling you, that you need to attempt it. For example, once you sit in your office in your comfortable revolving chair and you know you have been doing the exact same thing for a very long time and however boring it is, a change will be difficult. The thought of change, if it brings chills to your body, that means you should start thinking about it seriously.

Do something in the direction of what you want:  If you are interested in creating a gallery for your art, try doing a small show somewhere. Getting this energy flowing is half the battle. The most successful people in the world are able to act (even if not successfully) usually many times sooner than most people who wait around, plan, research, hope, etc.  The successful person can fail more times and even stumble into a win sooner than others can act once.

Fear is a belief, that you must confront to find the root cause of it. Once you find the cause of this fear, which is always some belief, create an alternative for yourself.  You cannot have fear disrupting your path of success if you do not have a valid belief to support it.  Don’t let an odd belief keep you from finding something better. Rehearse courage mentally to get over fear/beliefs and make sure, if something holds you back in your life, it is not fear, at the least.