Advice on Changing Careers- Why is it difficult?

Changing careers is often very difficult, and the difficulty has more to do with the emotional trauma than it has anything to do with the available job options. People are actually scared of many things this includes; the fear of the unknown. Even though there are more than one instance proving it'll turn out for the best. Changing careers takes a lot of effort; you have to deal with many emotional issues and face the fear of failing. This often ends up in frustration and at times, breaks people down. There are many reasons that make it very difficult to take this important step. We will be discussing a few of them here:

Fear of the unknown in Career Change:

People are more scared of something that they do not see coming. This is the reason people fear the change. Change is unpredictable though it might seem to be in the best of interests for the one going through change.  The more time spent getting to know the new career, the less unknown there is to fear.  So prepare and talk to many people about your potential new career.

Where is your career change map guiding you? 

Where is your career change map guiding you? 

Fear of what others will think:

Humanity faces this issue more often than not. We do a lot of things while worrying what others will think and they often get sacred of doing anything or going through any change that might give off negative views about them. We have all heard the phrase, “you can do anything you put your mind to.”  This is utterly false for most people.  They can do anything they put their mind to AS LONG AS mom and dad understand and support the move, one’s mate is excited for you and respects your decision, someone will not feel like people will make fun of their decision, etc.  This is important to think about. How are others in one’s life holding them back from realizing their dreams and potentials?  Can we say to dad, “It doesn’t bother me that you have little understand of [being a life coach] but I expect you to encourage me and support my goal.”

Fear of failure:

This is more of terror than a fear. People are scared of the fact that something nice that they are leaving, might never come into their lives again. Though facts say different, people who leave something good are capable of doing something even better and thus they should make the change.

This fear often keeps people in a position or at least delays them from making changes. They need some coaching on this one thing desperately. They need to be told that change is good and what they are about to do for a career change is for their best interests.

Releasing the fears:

Are you homeless?  Did you grow up homeless?  If you can say yes to these, then by all means stay in your job.  If not, you will probably never be homeless.  People of a certain intelligence and sophistication have an ability to manifest the things they need.  If someone need to make $1000 in the next month to make ends meet, there are many way they can think to do this.  If they let ego get in the way they will find themselves in fear.

Everyone can and should take calculated risks in their careers or they could end up staying in the same place for the rest of their lives!